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Latest client: Bluehouse Furniture & Gifts in Chorley.
We design websites that generate revenue for our customers. Why else would you want one? Take a look at our Recent Work and Testimonials.

about us

Alien Media is a web-media company, located in Chorley, Lancashire. We provide a full range of services to help your business make the most of being online.

We believe it's not just about having a website anymore, your web presence should work for you, actively creating revenue for your business.

We also run our own projects, such as ChorleyDiscounts.com, which creates more business for independent traders in the wake of large supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda appearing and swallowing up customers.

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our services

Website Design

Fresh and functional business or personal websites. Please take a look at our recent work and testimonials from our very happy customers.

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Email: info@alienmedia.co.uk

Hosting & Email

All our managed hosting accounts come with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and much more.

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Social / SEO / SMS

Social Media & SMS (text messaging) are now a vital part of any marketing campaign. Alien Media can do it all for you.

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Email: info@alienmedia.co.uk


We often consult for businesses whether they are starting new ventures or need support for an existing office. We offer support and maintenance packages, which include telephone & remote support, offsite secure backups, cloud storage, disaster recovery, and much more, all tailored specifically to your business.

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Email: info@alienmedia.co.uk
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One-to-one or group training sessions covering anything from the basics of using your computer, to in-depth training in many subject areas.

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Email: info@alienmedia.co.uk

Hardware & Repairs

We partner with a local technology centre to bring you great deals on new and refurbished computers, laptops and peripherals. We also carry-out repairs and servicing on all computer equipment and out of warranty mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Find out more: 01257 444 222
Email: info@alienmedia.co.uk

recent work

Take a look at our work below, all of our customers have very kindly given us great feedback, so please read the testimonials section too.

Please click on the images to view the websites.

Nicole Dancewear

Nicole came to us looking for a contemporary online store to sell her dance shoes.

A clean, simple and easy to use design was required so as to not confuse website users, while also keeping in mind the site had to be competely commercial and marketable. We were asked to make the Social Media advertising and Newsletter subscription prominent to create a captive audience for her to market to.

Girls' Names

A exciting project within our other company, Wu Media. Girls Names is a place for Mother's to be to research baby names, read up on baby related articles and grab freebies from big household names at the same time!

With a bright friendly style, we think Girls Names is a great success. Some interesting elements we included are the animated "page-peel" to reveal access to the Freebies section, and our "learning" omni-search that gives visitors to the site the ability to search by anything related to a name, like "flower" or "strong".

With our in-house SEO work, the site already receives a huge amount of traffic and has risen to over 100,000 page views per-month in just a few weeks!

Clazz Boutique

Referred to us by a previous client, Charlotte wanted an online shop where she could sell her high-quality swimwear.

The brief was to create a commercial level site with a focus on high-fashion and an enjoyable shopping experience. We utilised her existing swimwear photoshoot to create an animated showcase frontend, and incorporated a feature-packed shop engine. With additional elements such as a "share on Facebook to receive a discount", Charlotte couldn't be happier. Check out what she had to say in our Testimonials section.

Wu Media

A spin-off business from Alien Media that has really gained some momentum in recent months, and is already deep in to some exciting projects - some with celebrity involvement!

We wanted the design to reflect our vision as a company that embarks on joint venture projects with passionate people, while as always, getting the right message across in a simple and attractive manner.

We love the simple and bold design, and have received praise from the people we have met during the launch of the business.

Ex-Pat TV

After having a website designed elsewhere, the guys at Ex-Pat TV wanted to completely rebrand to a more professional and global commercial style.

They required a whole host of new functionality including multi-language cabability for the entire site and a multi-currency online shop. In addition they needed a comprehensive blog publishing and newsletter system, live online support chat, live broadband speed-checker and rich-video integration along with social media management.

Not a problem.  :)

Jack's at the Bay Horse

After organising a photoshoot to create abstract close-up and spacious layout images using fish-eye lenses - we created a clean and bold website in keeping with the modern contempory style of the restaurant.
Check out their gallery to see our photography.

Gareth Doe Photography

One of the nicest people we've ever met, Gareth is a wedding, portrait and fashion photographer.

Gareth had an existing website which he desperately wanted to update due to the design being very out of date, not to mention his high ongoing costs.

We created a whole new brand and style for him, and incorporated a bespoke photography based online shop where he can easily add and sell his work. Along with the ability to update his blog, we incorporated an automated system to update his Facebook and Twitter pages whenever he posts a new blog article.

SLG Imagery

As a budding and brilliant photographer, Sarah wanted a chic, high-class look to showcase her photography.

After getting a good feel for her style, we created this designer moody look that really compliments her amazing photographs. The backend system allows her to add her new pictures, change her content and keep her followers up-to-date with her blog.

Hamlyn Renewables

Alien Media provided a fresh and easy to read design, incorporating a public forum to promote discussion and learning about the industry.

We also incorporated a blog that is easily updated by the client.

Spanish Holiday Home

After completing a website for her business (see further down), Cristina asked us to create another website to promote her holiday rental home in Spain. She wanted to increase exposure by using social activity through Facebook, Twitter etc. so we incorporated bold social network integration throughout the site with subtle animation to catch the eye.

The site includes a gallery and a blog that she can easily update at any time.

Alien Media

This website. Would you be surprised to know that many web design agencies have other agencies design their website? Doesn't exactly breed confidence does it...

We set out to create a bold attractive design, that describes exactly what we do and is easy to navigate.

We're proud to say that we have had many compliments on our design, even from other design agencies.  :)

Beauty by Sarra

Sarra wanted to reflect the relaxing and personal feel of her massage and beauty treatment business.

Using soft pastel colours and subtle navigation animations, we created a website that she absolutely loves.

Take a look at what she had to say in our Testimonials section.

Chorley Discounts

One of our in-house community projects that quickly attracted outside investment and interest from Chorley Borough Council. The project is set to expand in to a group of websites across the UK.

We created Chorley Discounts to help generate more revenue for independent businesses in the Chorley area. Our main objectives were to combat the onset of large supermarkets like Tesco and Asda appearing and removing a lot of trade from our small businesses, and to remind people that high quality goods and services may be obtained from our small businesses at competative prices.

Motoron Service Centre

After specialising in Saab servicing for many years and growing an excellent reputation in the area, Ron wanted to promote his expansion into servicing all makes of vehicle.

We created a fresh new image while still incorporating his original and trusted branding. We included an animated slider to push the message that the garage serviced all types of vehicle, while highlighting the hundreds of excellent reviews that he had built-up over many years from the Good Garage Scheme.


WURD is my personal blog that follows me in life and business and my efforts to grow in both - encompassing Alien Media, Wu Media and (amongst others), Business Backups.

Originally named Wu2, I decided on a re-brand in May 2014 to better reflect the concept, read more about it (and me) at the blog itself.

Bride to Be by Hannah Lois

An old friend, Hannah came to me to create the online presence for her new bridal boutique business.

She required a high-class look, with easy to navigate galleries to showcase her bridalwear. In addition she had requirements to be able to take appointments, easily update her Latest News section for her frequent bridal events, and include rich media and social integration to promote her appearances on TV (Don't tell the Bride) and Radio interviews.

We put together a great looking website with a powerful backend system to allow her to update and change anything across the entire website.

The Cosmopolitan

A good friend, Recep, was fast approaching the grand opening of his new Restaurant, Wine & Cocktail bar. He wanted something different to send the message that something exciting and new was coming to Chorley, and asked me to help.

We shifted from the normal vertical page design, and created a unique horizontal multi-layered parallax scrolling concept website that complimented the decoration and feel of the restaurant & cocktail bar.

Russo Trading

Referred to us by another client, Cristina required an information heavy website to promote her expanding home staging business.

She wanted to focus on delivering a message of a personal touch, so we engineered the site to highlight her frequent blog articles which automatically post themselves to all her social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

After completion of the site, Cristina was so happy she immediately asked us to create her another website for her private holiday rental property in Spain - (which can be seen further up our Portfolio).

AHI Brokers

Andy had started a new insurance brokering business and needed a simple to understand, clean looking site along with branding including logo and business card design.

After a brief meeting to get a feel for his character, we designed the website and logo etc. to fit. He tells me he has had many compliments from his friends and clients on his website and especially the abstract logo design.


I would just like to say a massive thank you to the guys at Alien Media.

After getting referred by a friend who had used them previously and were delighted themselves, I contacted them about building my website.

Being a new business, I needed help with different ideas about various website related issues. I can honestly say I felt like I was in the best hands, with no question or problem being too big for them to deal with.

Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable about all different media subjects.

Would definitely use them again, and refer to anyone who is looking to set up an online business.

Thanks again.

Charlotte Lazarus - Clazz Boutique.

I found Alien Media very easy to work with. They delivered a professional looking website that matched our brief exactly. We were very pleased with their service and price and would highly recommend.

John - ProActive Distribution in Chorley.

Thanks to Richard at Alien Media I now have a fantastic website, it's perfect. Such a professional service and done so quickly. Very very happy you will be highly reccommended to all my friends.

Sarra - Beauty by Sarra in Cheshire.

We had the guys re-design the front-end of our online-shop website for us. We were so impressed we had them do 5 more and take-over our whole online presence. Now they work closely with us on our SEO. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Simone Munro - Bargain Doors.

We only had a Yell.com advert. After a short chat with Richard, he came back with a brilliant fresh looking website, it even incorporated my customer feedback on The Good Garage Scheme that I've been building-up for years. Great work and a brilliant service.

Ron Kucharski - Motoron Service Centre.

Delivered what I asked for, and ahead of time.
A very refreshing change compared to other companies I have used in the past.

Joe Ibrahim - Ex-Pat TV.

Richard made us a very impressive showcase website for the launch of our restaurant. He now looks after our computers, iPads and even our iPhones! Very glad he's on the end of a phone!

Vanda Rome - The Cosmopolitan in Chorley.


Our Blog

High profile website venture

Posted: 1st November 2013

I am really pleased to announce that Alien Media have engaged in a joint venture on a new website focused on Baby Names. We are really excited for the opportunity to use our knowledge and ideas to create a high-volume website, and develop a brand that promises to grow in to something really special. The site is constantly being developed and updated, as you can see here.

If you are looking for a new website, or to have your existing site brought up-to-date, then please get in touch using the details in the Contact section.


Blog article by: Richard Davenport

Find out more: 01257 444 222
Email: richard@alienmedia.co.uk

Social Media - The Basics

Posted: 24th March 2013

Social Media is simply another way of advertising, but delivered in a way that happens to be social, or friendly.
The approach however, is very different to 'normal' advertising.
The usual method in advertising is to create some media (newspaper advert, flyer, etc.) that contains a compelling offer for a product or service. The advert is tempting and attractive in a way that drives customers to buy your product. Great, makes sense…

Social Media is a completely different animal.

The following is the simple key to the whole thing, read it twice, then read it again…

You must share interesting content across your social media networks to attract and hold the attention of your audience, so that you can occasionally make business offers.

That goes for any social network, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, and all the rest – your approach should always be the same.

Social marketing is a process of earning attention, then familiarity, and finally trust. You are first creating an active community that wants to be connected with your business. Then your 'adverts' become 'friendly suggestions' aimed at people that already have an interest in what you're doing.

When you do that, you respect the fact that nobody wants to be pressured to buy. Instead, you've developed a community that wants to be connected with your business – a tribe of fans that share common interests.

Many of your customers are your customers simply because they feel a connection to your business, and their desire to be involved extends beyond the quality of your products and services.

Make it personal

In markets where quality is so high, and products are often sourced from the same suppliers and re-branded, consumers cannot easily discern significant differences. So how do you make them choose to buy from you? Make it personal.

Marketing people have long known that the best advertising is 'word-of-mouth', friends recommending products or services to their friends. Their friends trust them, because they are friends! Go up and read that quote again… get it?

Focus on personalising the way you communicate to your audience, engage your community and earn their trust. With that comes loyalty – and a sustainable business.

Most companies still in business have been effective with traditional marketing. However, the “look at me” and “buy me now approach” is much less effective in our present environment where the voices of socially engaged consumers are readily being heard.

Blog article by: Richard Davenport

Find out more: 01257 444 222
Email: richard@alienmedia.co.uk

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